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We're making some important changes to the Yorkshire Building Society branch network

As one of the largest and strongest building societies in the UK we are always looking at how our Society is run, to make sure we are spending our members’ money in the best way possible.

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) branch closures

We’re closing a small number of YBS branches that are very close to other YBS branches. These branches will close on Friday 18 March at 5pm.

Closing branch Next nearest YBS locations
Fulham 1.6 miles to Kensington, 4.7 miles to London Strand
London City 1.3 miles to London Strand, 6.9 miles to Kensington
West End 1.4 miles to London Strand, 3.4 miles to Kensington
Knaresborough 3.6 miles to Harrogate, 8.3 miles to Wetherby
Bingley 3.1 miles to Shipley, 4.3 miles to Keighley, 6.3 miles to Bradford Howard House, 9.5 miles to Pudsey
Yeadon 5.4 miles to Shipley, 6.8 miles to Pudsey, 7 miles to Bradford Howard House, 11.1 miles to Keighley, 12 miles to Leeds
Meltham 3.1 miles to Honley, 3.1 miles to Slaithwaite, 3.9 miles to Holmfirth, 5.4 to miles Huddersfield
Stalybridge 2.6 miles to Ashton-Under-Lyne, 6.8 miles to Oldham, 8.8 miles to Manchester, 9.5 miles to Stockport

Why are these branches closing?

We’ve completed a thorough review of our face-to-face network looking at a number of factors including the distance to other YBS locations, how often the branches are used and what they are used for. All closing branches have the following in common:

We have a high concentration of YBS locations in these areas

Many customers of these branches already use another nearby branch

Fewer people are visiting these branches and doing fewer transactions than we see at the average YBS location

Customers also manage their accounts online or over the phone

When taking all of this into account, we believe that keeping these branches open isn’t cost effective or providing long term value to our customers.

Customer mailing

We’re writing to all affected customers between 29 - 31 January with details of the closures, and more information about how they can continue to manage their money with us when these branches close.

Questions & Answers

Q: Are you planning more closures in the future?

A: We’ll continue to review our branch and agency mix to ensure it’s the right size but we expect to retain a presence in our current locations until at least 2020. We’re investing in YBS agencies in the next two years in places across the UK where there is customer demand, offering an equivalent customer service to a branch with lower set up and running costs. We remain committed to the face-to-face service many of our members value and use.

Q: What’s the difference between a branch and an agency?

A: Our agencies are very similar to our branches. For the last 70 years we’ve been partnering with businesses such as estate agents and solicitors so that more of our customers can manage their money with us face-to-face in many more places. When you visit an agency you’ll have the same access to your accounts, you can open a savings account and can arrange a YBS mortgage. Our agencies offer you the same excellent customer service you would expect in any YBS branch and are usually located in the heart of communities. There are some small differences such as the daily withdrawal limit being £500 and the weekly limit being £1,000. For more information on agencies please visit ybs.co.uk/agencies.

Q: How can I leave feedback or complain?

A: We work hard to provide you with the best possible service. However, if at any time you think we haven’t met your expectation please let us know. We will try to do everything we can do to put things right. Leave feedback or make a complaint.


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Managing your accounts

The type of account you have with us will determine how and where you can manage it.

  • Members who can manage their account in branch will be still be able to use any of our Yorkshire Building Society branches or local agencies to service their accounts and have access to our wide range of Yorkshire Building Society products and services.
  • A number of Chelsea Building Society accounts can be managed online and over the phone.  Please be aware that not all accounts are the same and online services will vary from account to account. To find out what you can do online with your savings accounts look at the table below.  Alternatively to find out more about how you can manage all of your Chelsea products, please visit Managing your Chelsea Building Society accounts page.

If you need any help

We understand that this may be a significant change for some customers and we’re here to help you find the best way forward following the closure of these branches. We’ve written to all of our members regarding these closures but if you have any questions or concerns about branch closures or other ways to manage your accounts please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0345 1200 867 or talk to us in branch.

We are here to help.