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Fees, Charges &Other Costs

When applying for a mortgage, you will incur some costs. As well as the cost of using a legal adviser, you may also have to pay other fees and charges.

Below is a full list of our tariff of mortgage charges. Alternatively you can download a list of our Tariff of Mortgage Charges (114KB).

Name and summary


Product fees

Depending on which mortgage product you choose, you may have to pay a product fee. The reason we sometimes charge this is that it helps keep the initial rates lower. There are two ways you can pay this:

  • Upfront when you first apply for your mortgage
  • Or added to the loan and paid as part of your monthly mortgage payment following the first annual review of your account
The product fee amount will be clearly stated on the mortgage product information pages and also in your Mortgage Illustration document.

Valuation fees

For a house purchase or a remortgage, you will usually have to pay a valuation fee (unless you are applying for one of our fee-assisted products). How much you'll pay will depend on the value of the property you are purchasing (or your current property if you are remortgaging).

For a full breakdown of valuation fees, please read our Mortgage Valuations page.

You'll need to pay your valuation fee when you submit your application, at which point we'll instruct a valuer to visit the property as soon as we begin to process your application and have received the fee (unless you tell us otherwise).

Higher Lending Charge

Where a loan exceeds 75% of the purchase price or valuation (whichever is the lower) there is increased risk to us. To cover us against this risk, a Higher Lending Charge (HLC) is payable.

For more information on whether you have to pay a Higher Lending Charge, please read this section in our lending criteria.

Product Switching Fee

Once you have submitted your application, if you decide to change products before completion, a product switching fee is payable. This fee covers part of the costs we incur when we reserve the product you have applied for.


You will receive a Mortgage Illustration document before your mortgage application which will detail all related fees, including early repayment charges and valuation fees.


Early repayment charges

In providing your mortgage, one of our aims is to try to give you as much flexibility as possible with regard to your mortgage payment arrangements.

Providing special mortgage products, such as fixed, tracker, discounted and capped mortgages, does, however, involve us in putting in place special funding arrangements to support these products. Often we are locked into such arrangements, regardless of the actions of borrowers and changes in prevailing interest rates.

This combination of funding arrangements and our inability to vary these is the main reason Early Repayment Charges are normally applied. As a result, Early Repayment Charges may apply, depending on the product chosen, in the event of:

  • repayment in full (redemption)
  • repayment in excess of any applicable overpayments limits
  • transfer to an alternative mortgage product (in full or part)

The period during which an Early Repayment Charge could be made is known as an Early Repayment Charge period. Any Early Repayment Charges and the period that they apply to your mortgage will be detailed in your Mortgage Illustration and your mortgage offer.

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