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Our Savings Help section will give you information and guidance about operating your accounts and managing your money.

Help and support for savings

Whether you're an existing saver or have just opened an account with us, this information will help you find out more about managing your savings.

Verifying your identity

When you apply for an account with us, we're required to verify your identity. Find out how this works.


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find out how the Scheme helps to protect your savings deposits.


Current Account Switch Service

This free service allows customers to switch current accounts between providers. Find out how this could affect payments to and from your Chelsea savings accounts.


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Other useful information

Here's some links to other pages you might find helpful:

Interest rates – view the current rates for our Savings range. You can also find out previous rate information and rates for withdrawn accounts.

Fees & charges (81 KB) – information on fees and charges for our savings accounts.

Online maturities – find out what happens to your savings when online fixed rate accounts come to an end.

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