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If your existing special rate period is coming to an end or you want to switch to another deal, we've got a great range of mortgages to choose from.

Early Repayment Charges apply and other fees and charges may apply.

How does it work?

Finding a new mortgage deal, including the monthly repayments, is easy and simple with our online switching form - this takes about 5 minutes to complete. There are no credit searches or affordability checks to go through and you don't need to be registered for online access to do this.


We will need from you


Your current address details


The mortgage account number


You may need to answer some security questions

You should make sure you carefully read the Initial Disclosure Document (82 KB) before requesting a transfer.

Switch your deal

Some things to be aware of

Our online switching form is only suitable if:

  • You're sure that you don't need advice about changing our mortgage deals
  • You're not making any other changes to your mortgage (such as making a lump sum payment or changing the term of the mortgage)
  • The part or parts of your mortgage being transferred are on a repayment basis (capital & interest). You cannot transfer a mortgage which is on an interest -only basis.

If you are not eligible to switch your deal online or would like some advice, find out how to get in touch.


Check if you're eligible

Before you continue, you should check that you meet our standard eligibility criteria:

The property should be your main residence, or there should be an authorised letting in place.

Your mortgage account must have less than one month's arrears (up to a maximum amount of £100 at the time of transfer) and there must be no more than one missed payment in the past 12 months. For Prospect borrowers, there must have been no missed payments within the last 24 months.

Your mortgage account must have been opened for at least one month.

The part(s) of your mortgage account being transferred to a new mortgage deal must have a remaining term of at least the same as the new deal.

The total amount being moved to a new deal must be at least £3,000.

You must pay any Early Repayment Charges on your existing mortgage deal, as applicable.*

You must meet all our other normal lending criteria .

There must be no specific conditions on your current mortgage that prevent you from changing to a new deal. We'll let you know if this applies to you.


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What happens next?


We'll send through your formal transfer offer in the post within five working days (providing you meet our eligibility criteria).


You then need to sign your offer letter acceptance and the confirmation that you do not need advice on changing mortgage deal.


As soon as we receive your acceptance and your existing mortgage deal ends, we’ll switch you over to your new mortgage deal.


After that we'll confirm your new payment amount by letter and that's it, all done.

Need to pay your fees?

As soon as you receive your offer from us in the post you can pay any outstanding Product Fee or Early Repayment Charges. You can do this by calling us on 0345 166 9301*.

*Please note:

You should check your mortgage statement to see if you are still within your Early Repayment Charge (ERC) period for the part or parts of your mortgage you are wanting to transfer. If this is the case, then charges will apply should you do a transfer.

If the ERC period ends within the next 90 days, you can apply for your transfer now but it will not take place until after the ERC period has ended, unless you tell us that you wish to complete the transfer earlier than this, and agree to pay the charge. Any applicable early repayment charges must be paid on completion of the transfer.

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Buy to Let customers

If your original mortgage was Buy to Let, a separate range of Buy to Let transfers is now available up to 85% Loan To Value .

Follow these steps to find a new deal:

  1. View our exclusive existing customer Buy to Let deals below to find the right deal for you:

  2. You can then use our online request form to request  a transfer to a new mortgage deal.  This takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Request a new deal

Self-certified mortgages

If your original mortgage was self-certified, a separate range of Self Cert Mortgage product transfers is available. We can also review your Self Certification status if you are able to provide evidence of your income that meets our lending criteria. To request a new deal:

  1. View our exclusive existing customer deals below to find the right deal for you:

  2. Call us to discuss transferring to a new deal.

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Need some help?

If you need some help or advice on transferring to another mortgage deal you can contact us to discuss your options.

Visit us

If you would like to request a new deal in person, why not visit us in branch and meet with one of our qualified mortgage advisers.

Call us

Speak to one of our friendly mortgage advisers who can help you transfer to a new deal.

0345 166 9301*

  • 8.00am - 8.00pm, Mon-Fri
  • 9.00am - 1.00pm, Sat
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