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Starting your full mortgage application

If you’ve had an offer accepted on a property or you're remortgaging and we’ve already provided you with an Approval in Principle (AIP) online, you can continue to a Full Mortgage Application.

Before you start

Ok, so you've got an approved lending decision. A Full Mortgage Application is the next step, it's where we ask for the rest of your information. Remember, you only have 30 days from receiving your lending decision to complete this so why not get started?

It takes just 15 minutes

It takes just 15 minutes

Simply provide us with your details and in just 15 minutes you could be submitting your application.

If you would like to fill in a bit at a time then you can. Save your application as you go and complete it later.

It lasts for 90 days

It lasts for 90 days

A Full Mortgage Application is valid for 90 days from the time you submit it.

As soon as your application has been assessed, a valuation carried out, and any relevant documents received we can make you a formal mortgage offer. Once you have your offer, this is valid for 6 months.

It reserves your product

It reserves your product

If you've seen a product you like, complete your application now to reserve the one you want.

If your chosen mortgage product is no longer available at the time we make your mortgage offer, you will still get the product you wanted.

Things to consider

Before starting your Full Mortgage Application, you should consider the following:

Application checklist

Have you got the following to hand?...

  • New property/current property details (for a remortgage)
  • Current mortgage/Tenancy agreement
  • Employment details
  • Tax and Pension details
  • Bank details for setting up repayment

Have you also considered...

  • Product availability
  • Fees & Charges
  • A solicitor
  • Survey & Valuation preference
Product availability

We review and update our products regularly and would hate you to miss out on a product that's no longer on offer.

If you have a product in mind, we would encourage you to check that it's still available before you proceed.

Fees & Charges

Here is a list of fees you should be aware of. Please note that there may be additional fees depending upon your circumstances.

Fees to pay now

  • Valuation fee
    The cost is dependent on the type of Survey you choose and property value.

Fees to pay later

  • Product fee
    This is payable before we can make a mortgage offer and varies depending on your product choice. You may prefer to add your product fee to your loan rather than pay it up front. This is subject to affordability.

Some of our mortgage products offer incentives such as; Free standard valuation, Cashback (paid on completion), and Fee Assisted Legal Service. Check the product details for more information.



In order for us to process your application you must appoint a solicitor to act on your behalf. You don't have to choose one right away and can still submit your application without one. However, we will be unable to provide a mortgage offer until you have provided this information. Remember, if you are remortgaging, you will still need to appoint a solicitor.

I already have a solicitor...
Great! Make sure you have their details to hand. Be aware that we will need to check that they are on our approved list of solicitors.

I need to appoint a solicitor...
We can help. As part of your application we will offer you access to over 200 approved solicitors. Choose the one that's right for you.

Survey & Valuation

This is a report issued after an inspection of a potential property. It ensures that you are aware of any faults with the property and any additional costs you may need to pay after you move in.

This provides a valuation of the property for the lender's benefit. It applies to mortgage applications for a new property purchase as well as a remortgage on an existing property.

What are my options?

  • Standard mortgage valuation
    This provides us as the lender with a valuation for what the property is worth.
  • Homebuyer Survey & Valuation
    This report looks mainly at urgent matters which may need attention and it includes a standard valuation. However it doesn't detail everything about a property.
  • Building Survey
    A building survey is a detailed and comprehensive report to highlight faults and advise on any necessary repairs. Please note: we won't offer you the option of a building survey, as it doesn't include a valuation, but a building surveyor can advise you of the cost of taking out one of these surveys.


Processing your application

We will endeavour to get your application to a formal mortgage offer as quickly as possible. Here are a couple of ways that you can help us to ensure things go smoothly:

  • Pay any outstanding fees as soon as you can.
    This will allow us to process your mortgage sooner. You can pay your fees as part of your application, and the earlier we receive your valuation fee the quicker we can get started.
  • Where applicable we will ask for references and if we need to verify your identity we will contact you by email. The quicker you can respond the quicker we can continue to process your application.


Once you've submitted your application, if things change, contact us to make any changes.

I need more money or my loan amount has changed.
Get in touch to talk things through and we will provide a new lending decision based on a different loan amount, subject to affordability.

We understand things don't always go to plan.
If that happens, we will do our best to help you. Get in touch to talk things through.

Call us

0345 166 9510*

9am - 5pm: Mon to Fri
9am - 1pm: Sat

Credit check

As part of the full mortgage application we complete a credit search which will leave a record on your credit file. You can find out more about credit checks by visiting Equifax.

Ok, I'm ready!

If you’ve had an offer accepted on a property and we’ve already provided you with an Approval in Principle (AIP) you can continue to complete a Full Mortgage Application online.

Start a Full Mortgage Application:

Retrieve your AIP and Apply now

You will need to Login with your Customer number and password to progress your application.

Forgotten your details?
Call us on 0345 1200 805*

Please be aware that when applying online, you won’t receive any advice on your application.

Or, If you need advice, you can:

Call us

Speak to one of our friendly mortgage advisers who can help you through the rest of the application process.

0345 1200 842 *

9am - 5pm: Mon to Fri
9am - 1pm: Sat

Not got an Approval in Principle (AIP)?

Simply provide us with your details and in as little as 10 minutes we’ll tell you whether we can lend to you and how much. An Approval in Principle (AIP) is valid for 30 days. You can continue to submit your full application straight away once you have you have got your AIP.

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