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Pay no tax when you save with a cash ISA

Whatever you’re saving for, we have a varied range of tax-free accounts to suit savers with different goals.

There's a tax-free savings account to suit you

You can invest in four separate ISAs each year: a cash ISA (from age 16), a Stocks & Shares ISA (from aged 18), Innovative Finance ISA (from aged 18) and a Lifetime ISA (from aged 18). A Lifetime ISA can only be opened between the ages of 18 and 40 and once opened you can invest into the account up to age 50. You can invest in any combination of the four types of ISA in one tax year up to your total annual ISA allowance limit which is £20,000 for the 2019/20 tax year, however the annual contribution limit into a Lifetime ISA is £4,000. 

By choosing a Cash ISA you will benefit from tax-free interest. Although Stocks & Shares ISAs are tax efficient they are not completely tax-free. These ISAs are best suited for money that you can leave untouched for at least 5 years or more.

An Innovative Finance ISA allows interest and gains from peer to peer loans to qualify for tax advantages.

A Lifetime ISA can be used to save for a deposit for your first home or your retirement (where you could be eligible to receive a bonus based on your savings).

Chelsea Building Society only offers Cash ISAs.


Our tax-free savings accounts

e-ISA – Plus


tax-free p.a./AER variable
on balances £1-£999



tax-free p.a./AER variable
on balances £50,000+



  • This is a Flexible Cash ISA
  • Save some or all of your annual ISA allowance in this account
  • Pays a variable** tiered†† rate of interest for 12 months then matures into e-ISA
  • Open this Cash ISA with as little as £1
  • Interest is paid tax-free†
  • Unlimited withdrawals. The account can be closed at any time, but closure except for transfers to another ISA will result in the loss of tax-free status
  • Interest paid annually

Help to Buy: ISA


tax-free p.a./AER variable

  • Open this Cash ISA with up to £1,200 in the first calendar month - the duration of a calendar month is the start to the end of each month
  • Save up to £200 per calendar month after that
  • Designed for first time buyers saving for their first UK residential property 
  • Benefit from a Government bonus on your savings - the minimum bonus is £400 based on savings of £1,600 with a maximum bonus of £3,000 based on £12,000 saved.
  • Scheme rules apply
  • Withdrawals are permitted but won’t qualify for a Government bonus
  • This is not a flexible ISA so subject to subscription limits
  • Manage your account online
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