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If your existing special rate period is coming to an end or you want to switch to another deal, we've got a range of mortgages to choose from.

Early Repayment Charges apply and other fees and charges may apply.

Reason to stay with us

Choosing a mortgage is a big financial decision. We can offer you a tailor-made range of deals to choose from, all brought to you from a provider who wants to give real help with real lives.

Owned by you

If you’re a member, the Society belongs to you. Not external shareholders, just customers and people like you.

Award winning

We have a string of awards from Best First Time Buyer Mortgage Provider to Best Offset Mortgage Provider.

Part of the community

From educational programmes to improving financial literacy and supporting people in challenging situations.

Reason to switch

A straight forward service that you can complete on your own terms and in your own time.


You can reserve your new deal

You can reserve a new deal up to 90 days before your current deal ends. If Early Repayment Charges apply, you can even delay switching until they no longer apply!


You can switch quickly

If you'd prefer, we can switch deal in a matter of days/hours. Commonly takes between 4 to 8 weeks if you were to move to another lender.


We've already checked your eligibilty

We only offer you deals that we know you're eligible for.


There's no credit check

Switching your deal with us will not affect your credit rating. Remortgaging with another lender would.


There's no need for a house valuation

Since you already have your mortgage with us. (Although a revaluation is required as part of the Buy to Let Product Transfer application process.)


There's no need for a solicitor

You won't need a solicitor to help you switch deal. You will if you remortgage with another lender.



What happens if I don't switch?

If you don’t do anything then your mortgage will go onto our Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

  • Your mortgage payments could go up or down
  • You can make unlimited overpayments
  • You can pay your mortgage off early without any Early Repayment Charges


How does it work

It's easy & simple. Switch your deal in just 4 simple steps.


We send you a reminder

Around 90 days before your current deal is due to end, we'll contact you. We only offer you deals that we know you're eligible for and we'll send you these in the post.



Review your options

To compare monthly payments you can retrieve your mortgage online, you just need your mortgage account number. You'll find this on any letter we've sent about your mortgage.


Choose a new deal

Look through our latest deals right now and find the deal that's right for you.

View current deals

Switch your deal!

You can do this online or over the telephone. Once you’ve made your choice and paid any fees we will confirm your new deal. You'll receive a letter confirming your changes.

Things to consider

Before you switch your mortgage deal, it's important you read the following:

Quick checklist

  • If the mortgage is in joint names you must have the authority to switch deal on behalf of all applicants.
  • The property should be your main residence.
  • Your mortgage must have less than one month's arrears (maximum amount of £100 at the time you switch deal) and have no more than one missed payment in the last 12 months.
  • You must also meet all of our other lending criteria .

Our service does not support:

If you are trying to do any of these, please call us .


Buy to Let customers

If your original mortgage was Buy to Let, a separate range of Buy to Let transfers is now available up to 85% Loan To Value .

Follow these steps to find a new deal:

  1. View our exclusive existing customer Buy to Let deals below to find the right deal for you:

  2. Call us to discuss transferring to a new deal.

Self-certified mortgages

If your original mortgage was self-certified, a separate range of Self Cert Mortgage product transfers is available. We can also review your Self Certification status if you are able to provide evidence of your income that meets our lending criteria. To request a new deal:

  1. View our exclusive existing customer deals below to find the right deal for you:

  2. Call us to discuss transferring to a new deal.


You can switch in minutes

If you have all the information to hand and have read the things to consider above, then you are ready to get started. There are 2 ways you can switch.


Apply online

You just need your mortgage account number. You'll find this on any letter we've sent you about your mortgage.

Will I receive advice?


Over the phone

Talk to one of our friendly mortgage advisers
If you would like advice about our mortgage products.

0345 166 9300*

8am - 8pm: Mon to Fri
9am - 1pm: Sat