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Find out how changes to savings accounts will
affect how you receive interest.

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What type of saver are you?

Find the right savings option for you

Save tax-free with a cash ISA

With one of our cash ISA's you can save up to £15,240 in the 2016/2017 tax year and we have fixed rate and easy access options available to suit your needs.

Put your money away for a fixed period

If you're happy to leave your savings untouched until they're needed, you might benefit from a fixed rate of interest. Open a fixed term account online or in branch.

Make it easy with an online account

With one of our online accounts you're always in easy reach of your money, with the option to view balances and transactions and add money with a debit card.

Our other savings products

Easy access – Everyday savings accounts if you need easy access to your money.

Regular savings – Dedicated accounts for when you’re saving for that rainy day.

Children's accounts – A great first step for teaching your children about saving.

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Our savings guides

Whatever your needs, we have guides and helpful information available to make things easier.

Interest rates

View the current rates for our Savings range plus previous rate information and rates for withdrawn accounts.

Guide to tax-free saving

Learn more about ISAs and how they work with our guide to tax-free saving.

Online maturities

Find out what happens to your fixed rate savings when your account comes to an end.

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