Fees, charges and costs you may need to pay

Product fees

Depending on which mortgage product you choose, you may have to pay a product fee. The reason we sometimes charge this is that it helps keep the initial rates lower.

There are two ways you can pay this:
  • Upfront when you first apply for your mortgage
  • Added to the loan and paid as part of your monthly mortgage payment following the first annual review of your account.
The product fee amount will be clearly stated on the mortgage product information pages and also in your Mortgage Illustration document.

Valuation fees

For a house purchase or a remortgage, you'll usually have to pay a valuation fee (unless you are applying for one of our fee-assisted products). How much you'll pay will depend on the value of the property you are purchasing - or the value of your current property if you're remortgaging. You'll normally pay this fee when you submit your application. 

Early repayment charges 

We want to give you as much flexibility as possible with your mortgage. If you choose one of our special mortgage products, such as fixed, tracker, discounted and capped mortgages, and you decide to pay off your loan early, you may have an early repayment charge.

Early repayment charges can apply when you:

  • pay off your mortgage in full (redemption)
  • repay more than the overpayment limits allowed 
  • transfer to a new mortgage product (in full or part).

The period during which an Early Repayment Charge could be made is known as an Early Repayment Charge period. Any Early Repayment Charges and the period that they apply to your mortgage will be detailed in your Mortgage Illustration and your mortgage offer.

Initial interest with your first mortgage payment

Your first mortgage payment includes initial interest. This is the interest which is charged from the day we release funds to your solicitor to the end of the calendar month in which interest charging commences - please remember to budget accordingly.

Three working days after completion we'll issue a First Payment Letter which will confirm the amount of initial interest which has been charged and the date on which the payment will be taken.

Download a full list of our Tariff of Mortgage Charges

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