Keeping your personal information secure

We only keep your information for as long as we need. All the information we collect from you from online forms and account pages use High Grade 256-bit SSL encryption. Encryption makes your information unreadable to anyone who might try to access it.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use a Secure Sockets Layer whenever we ask you to enter any personal information, including passwords. You can tell that SSL is in use when a small padlock icon appears on your browser status bar.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication gives you extra security when logging in and making transactions online. It works by checking your identity in more than one way. We may try to check it's you by sending you a code via text message or calling your landline. 

If you receive a message or call you were not expecting, please contact us straight away on a number you know is genuine

Confirming online requests

When you request a transaction, or other change online, we might contact you by telephone to check the details. It's important that you keep us informed if you change your number. It's also important to make sure we have your correct email address.

If you receive an email about a payment you haven’t requested, please contact us straight away on a number you know is genuine.


Please don't send us any confidential information via email. We won't use email to send confidential information about your accounts to you unless you specifically request it. 

Using passwords

You'll always need your password to access the secure parts of the site. You can choose your own passwords when you set up your online account.

Remember that your password is the key to your account. Make sure that you look after your password and keep it secret.

Monitoring our security arrangements

Our website is constantly monitored for security problems. We regularly review our security arrangements in line with latest developments in the technology available.

How you can protect yourself

There's a lot you can do to protect yourself and your accounts.

Online fraud

How to spot frauds used in internet banking.