Where a Savings account has been inactive for more than 15 years, we may close the account (as per our savings terms and conditions).

Where the balance is more than £100, we will try to contact you before we do this. We will send a letter or/and email to your registered address.

However, if this happens, you will still be able to access your money (including any accrued interest) at any time, as long as you can provide satisfactory identification.

An account is classed as inactive when:

  • We haven’t had any contact with an account holder for 15 consecutive years.
  • There have been no financial transactions on the account, for example withdrawals, deposits, or transfers.

How to stop your account being inactive

  • Use your account to make a financial transaction, such as a withdrawal from or payment into your account.
  • Register to manage your account online.
  •  Visit any Yorkshire Building Society branch or agency. You won’t need an appointment. Our branch and agency finder gives you details of our locations, along with up to date opening hours.
  • Call us on 0345 123 3233*.
If your account has been inactive for 15 years or if the address we hold for you has changed, we’ll carry out an electronic ID check before you can access the funds.

If you have your account number, it'll be easier for us to verify you, but don't worry if not. If the check is successful, we should be able to reactivate the account for you there and then. If you need to provide some additional ID before we can reactivate your account, we'll tell you on the call.

If you are visiting us in branch, bring along one piece of ID that confirms your name and another piece of ID that confirms your address, so we can verify your identity. You'll find information about the ID we accept here.