• If you are eligible to receive the Society's AGM information in future years and you have signed up to the eAGM we will contact you by email prior to the relevant AGM to ensure that your email address is up to date and correct

  • If your email address is correct we will then send you a further email informing you that the AGM documents (including the Notice of Meeting and Summary Financial Statement) are available on the Society's website with a link to that site. The email will also include a link to the online voting website. A final reminder email may also be sent following this voting email

  • If any of the emails referred to above are returned to the Society as undelivered then we will send you a paper version of the AGM document

  • To access the e-AGM documents you will need Adobe Reader (in order to view Adobe Acrobat PDF documents). This can be downloaded free of charge from

  • Please log in to your account if you wish to:

  • Cancel your consent to receiving e-AGM documents (in which case a paper version of the AGM documents will be sent to you) or

  • Notify us of a change of email address

  •  The Society reserves the right to send to you, without notice, a paper version of the AGM documents in place of an e-AGM version

The Society takes reasonable care to ensure that electronic communications are free of any viruses or other corruption of data. Before opening any document you must check them for viruses and defects.