Switching your mortgage deal

There are two ways you can apply to switch your mortgage deal with Chelsea Building Society:

  • Without advice - online
  • With advice - over the phone.

Without advice - online (execution only)

If you apply to switch your mortgage deal without advice, online, it's known as an 'execution only' application. It’s designed for customers who have a good understanding of the mortgage application process and can be confident they will be able to choose a product that’s suitable for their needs.

It does mean that you won't receive advice on your mortgage switching application. But if you change your mind and decide you'd like some advice, you can swap how you apply from online to over the phone.

Please note that if you have previously spoken to us over the phone about this application and decide to proceed with your own choice by applying online, then any advice we have given you will no longer apply.

Before applying to switch your deal online, you must be aware of:

  • The product you wish to apply for including the interest rate and its term
  • Interest rate type e.g. fixed, or variable
  • The early repayment charges associated with the product
  • The price or value of the property you are looking to purchase or remortgage
  • The loan amount you want to borrow
  • The length of term required.


  • You should be comfortable choosing the right mortgage without our advice
  • We won’t advise if the mortgage you select is the right choice for your needs, which means that you’ll be giving up the benefits of Financial Conduct Authority protection on mortgage suitability
  • We'll still assess whether you can afford the mortgage.

If you're unsure about any of the above, switching your mortgage deal with advice may be more suitable for you.


With advice - over the phone 

A mortgage is likely to be the largest financial commitment you make in your life, therefore you may benefit from speaking to one of our mortgage advisers over the phone.

A mortgage adviser will be able to review your incomings and outgoings and make a suitable mortgage term and product recommendation to suit your individual needs.

An adviser will be able to provide guidance on the following, amongst other points depending on your circumstances and needs:

  • Mortgage term
  • The interest rate on your chosen mortgage deal vs the product fee you may have to pay for selected deals where the interest rate is lower
  • The affordability of the loan
  • If a fixed or variable rate would best suit your circumstances.

Give us a call

If you'd like advice about our mortgage products, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly mortgage advisers.

0345 166 9301*  Option 4

9am - 5pm: Mon to Fri
9am - 1pm: Sat

Deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired customers

  • Sign language (BSL) interpreters, lipspeakers, speech-to-text reporters and deaf-blind interpreters can be arranged by appointment
  • Text-phone (mini-com) users can speak directly to our member contact centre at Head Office on 0345 1200 851*
  •  We've partnered with SignLive to offer you first-class interpreting services on demand.

Mortgage calculators

Use our simple calculator tools to work out how much your repayments could be, how much we could lend to you and if an Offset mortgage could save you money.